Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Samantha & Levon // Wedding at Majorda Beach Resort Goa

Hailing from the most popular exotic destination Goa, India is the young and beautiful Samantha who is now happily wedded to an intelligent and adorable young man Levon from West Bengal. Their love story began from a very tender age in middle school where both of them had a crush on each other but were too shy to reveal. Samantha has been close to hear friends through thick and thin which includes helping them complete their homework whereas Levon could not stay attached to many of his friends as he moved places very often. Levon's friend attended his birthday in Dubai and discussed about the love of his life Samantha but they ended up catching up on lost time. Sooner or later, Levon realized that he had something going for Samantha and decided to reveal it to her. And guess what ?? 

She accepted. Currently Levon is settled in the United States of America and will be starting a family with Samantha there itself. When they both were in their teens they did not know the true meaning of love and marriage. Today they are both grown up to understand the importance of marriage and relationship, they strengthened their bonds by cute dates every now and then, hangouts, dinners and finally ended up celebrating their joys by having a grand marriage ceremony. We would love to elaborate on the love story of Levon and Samantha because it is like looking at love birds on earth who have stayed together right from the young age of 13 years. 

How many couples out there have had a story like this and are waiting to have a wonderful marriage occasion ?? Join us and see the way we portray your wedding ceremony and life through words and candid images only on Navin Studio. Cementing the whole experience with us in a short sentence would be - "It's an experience". 

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